Trust Your Project to Us

Eco-Friendly Landscaping

10% of profits go to ocean cleanup

Seventy Five cents per pound for fine crushed shells



Creative Landscape Designs

We specialize in ocean landscape design, mainly involving seashells but can also include driftwood separators, old buoys, or any other décor that you may want in order to transform your garden and driveway. No one ever looks at a gravel driveway or a mulch garden bed in amazement, however, shell-scapes manage to turn heads and attract attention. Its unique white finish makes nearby colours stand out and is a great way to show off your island life-style.



Healthy Plants

When rained on, seashells leach calcium and other minerals into the soil as well aiding in enzyme formation. This promotes the growth of nearby plants and grass. Shells also keep slugs away so your flowers can stay healthy and look perfect.


Eco-friendly substitute

We get all of our seashells from local seafood farms re-using their discarded shells, turning them into beautiful white driveways and stunning garden beds. People think gravel is eco friendly because it comes from the ground but, in actuality, it involves deforestation to build gravel pits which then emit greenhouse gases and disturb the eco-system.