10% profit to ocean cleanup pledge

I’ve lived in Nanaimo my entire life. The many beautiful parks, beaches and river spots Nanaimo is famous for, have become a large part of my life. The single-use plastics that litter the beach are a tiny amount compared to whats in the ocean.  My generation will face lots of the challenges climate change is bringing. As a business owner and activist, i know every little bit helps.

The money will go to “surf-rider vancouver island”

Why did I start Shellscape?

Well, I was walking my dog at departure bay beach one day when I saw all the shell residue on the pavement. It clicked in my mind what a great idea it would be, to use shells in driveways and gardens so I went home and did some research. I soon found out about all the benefits and couldn't understand why no one was doing this on Vancouver Island. I kicked around the idea for a while, called some local seafood farms, then built some prototypes, but I was waiting until summer and graduation to really start ShellScape. It wasn't initially going to be a not-for-profit, but I realized I was just taking and not giving back, so I changed directions because I believe in climate change.

Media Appreciation



Thank you so much Spencer for the great article!


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Thanks Chek news and Skye! This was so great to watch and I loved doing it.