Thinking ahead?

Stay one step ahead of your garden by planning ahead for spring 2020. Starting off with fine ground sea shells will ensure a healthy and strong garden. Not only do shells act as fertilizer and snail repellant but they provide a shiny, white professional look that will turn heads and attract attention.



Full Package

We would come with the fine ground shells and put the desired thickness layer of fine ground shells on your flower beds, doing all the work for you. The weeding and the spreading to ensure a beautiful garden.


Fine Crushed Shells. 75 cents a pound

Perfect for garden beds. Shells leach calcium and other nutrients into your garden bed promoting growth. They aid enzyme formation and nitrate uptake. Sparkling white shells will also make your garden’s colours stand out.

Call/text or go to the contact now section to setup a pickup or delivery. Delivery is cheap, from nearby departure bay at 5$, North & South Nanaimo at 10$... We also do not use single use bags so for pickup bring garbage bins or for delivery have a tarp or bins waiting.


Consultation Services

Ready to transform your driveway but unsure where to start? A consultation will let you ask questions and develop a plan.